Where do Brent and Maya Lynn get money from?
What is their money source, both being unemployed… Is that “old money” from Santa Barbara really financing their efforts to manipulate their Harbor Ridge HOA in an effort to get their way?

On that same thought, rumor has it that the Lynns approached many Harbor Ridge community residents with wine, cookies and gifts to get their support for Rebecca’s tennis career and cause Harbor Ridge residence to apply pressure on the HOA board to allow Rebecca to continue her professional tennis grunt training at all hours, lasting for many hours daily, including weekends and holidays.

Is this what Yale, sponsors and the USTA wants their talent to do? Use wealth and power to undermine communities, denigrate “the help” and step on the less fortunate so their daughter can $ecure a spot on the Yale Women’s Tennis roster?

Rumor has it that several tennis coaches in the area complained that Maya Lynn was obnoxiously rude to them when things didn’t go her way on the court during her daughter’s long lasting and loud tennis practices.

In fact, some coaches also complained that they were not properly compensated for their time after Maya fired them… Certainly a pattern.

Several elderly Harbor Ridge neighbors were terrified when Maya Lynn stormed into their residence unannounced shouting at them “how dare they complain about Rebecca’s grunting!”.

Possibly most alarming and ultimately true, insiders say that at one memorable HOA hearing about tennis noise, after Brent bragged about his last name and his brother, Maya threatened the HOA board and people in attendance that she would find ways to show them what “real” noise is… Mission accomplished as Rebecca’s grunting apparently went into overdrive!

Here are a few other items for concern – would Yale Women’s Tennis, the Harbor Ridge community, the city of Newport Beach, and any respectable human think this behavior is acceptable…

Would Stanford University be proud of Brent Lynn telling folks he “ran” Stanford?

Would the exceptional staff at the prestigious private school, Pegasus, in Huntington Beach like knowing how their student families treat people?

Would Rebecca’s sponsors like Wilson and Yonex like knowing that their sponsorship dollars are being spent to finance neighborhood-wide disruptions and undermine the sanctity of the community… So she can play tennis when and where she wants?

Maybe the Lynns of Santa Barbara, Wilson, and Harbor Ridge like to know that the family has bragged to the community about purchasing their home for $5.1M and paid cash for it… But don’t work and “why would they?”, according to Maya.

Maya bragged to many of the neighbors that the main reason they bought the house, so Rebecca would have a tennis court in her backyard, for HER convenience and play WHENEVER she wanted… Is that the Yale way?

The Lynns paid over $5M for the court in the backyard, both of them being unemployed but spending lavishly on the HOA and city officials.

Per some of the more exposed neighbors, the bulk of Rebecca’s tennis practices lasted the entire day with short lunch breaks, sometimes 6-7 hours per day with multiple coaches and partners and deep into the night. All of that would’ve been fine with the neighbors, even with the grunting, had the Lynns simply communicated or worked on a schedule that wasn’t so disruptive… And some of the neighbors were struggling with life threatening illness… Not even a concern for Maya.

Furthermore, the Lynns would invite and encourage their tennis coach to use their tennis court for his other students when Lynns were away for weeks during Rebecca’s tournaments. They would give the coach keys to their gate and a pass to community gate to gain entry. Seems like Yale and the USTA should have something to say about that.

Don’t even want to get started on how they literally laughed at some neighbor’s requests for them to honor the Newport Beach COVID restrictions when mandated.

They were laughed at and the grunting was turned up in volume… This young player is wonderful, but she is missing the elements of honor, respect, empathy, and humanity that are needed to uphold the Yale legacy… This family has destroyed lives and bought favor with their city, HOA, Yale, etc… Yet the neighborhood suffers?